The responsibility carries the value, the public good creation is beautiful!Product quality and customer is the enterprise survival foundation, the quality of our products and customer requirements in the first place, put them as the priority in all the work, in order to arrange all the activities.Through publicity and education, we make full consensus, give full play to their talents, personnel at all levels check all activities, make the products and service can meet customer requirements.






Commitment to quality

We make the following solemn promises to our customers: 

1) firmly resist and deal with it seriously;Deviate from the quality policy and maintain the quality management system.

2) responsible for product quality.

3) We will accelerate the upgrading of industrial technologies and the optimization of the industrial structure, vigorously develop green enterprises, increase their capacity to attract employment, and do their due diligence in environmental protection and social stability.

Mingli integrity

To ensure the authenticity of products;

Scientific development

The mission of enterprises is to develop and make profits, and to increase taxation and national development.

Sustainable development

China is a country where per capita resources are extremely scarce, and the development of enterprises must adapt to resource conservation.

Protection of the environment

With the economic development of the world and our country, the environment is deteriorating day by day, especially the pollution of the atmosphere, water and sea is becoming more and more serious.

Cultural construction

Medical and health care, public education and cultural construction are very important to the development of a country.In particular, public education plays an important role in lifting a country from poverty to prosperity.

To develop our philanthropy

For the development of the society and the development of enterprises themselves, our enterprises should pay more attention to poverty alleviation and relief, and better assume the responsibility of poverty alleviation and relief.

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