Whenever someone asks me what my family does, I will reply:

"My family is ancestral to making diapers. Will your future baby need them?"

It sounds like a joke, but I'm serious.

Our company for nearly twenty years care products research and development and production, nearly 20 years of development and the unremitting efforts of two generations of employees, our company production of diapers, especially the technical level of the core core body, the core body flexible dry has far more than similar products imported from Japan.

But today, when we persuade others to trust our products, we must also add the prefix for the international brand name OEM.These so-called "big-name" products are actually products that have been solidified years ago.

For us, these prefixes are no longer something to be proud of.Because we have something more to be proud of:

"Better technology and products, more persistent craftsman heart, greater domestic dream!"

I hope one day in the future,

When I introduce someone

When our company made diapers,

And what you hear is,

Exclamation due to the soft and comfortable touch of the product,

And what you hear is,

Recognition of the technical level of our products after using the products,

And what you hear is,

Our products are more appreciated than the imported ones.

Instead of being,

Prefix for the brand name of XXX OEM excellent manufacturers